Remember that you magnify His work, which men behold.

Job 36:24

Audition Songs

  1. Great Things, Phil Wickham: Living Hope, Track #1, in A or B at 102 bpm - Chord Chart, Guitar Tutorial, Vocal Tutorial

  2. Reckless Love, Cory Asbury: Reckless Love, Track #1, in E or F# at 166 bpm - Chord Chart, Guitar Tutorial, Vocal Tutorial

  3. What a Beautiful Name, Hillsong: Let There Be Light, Track #5, in D or E at 136 bpm - Chord Chart, Guitar Tutorial, Keys Tutorial, Vocal Tutorial

  4. Tremble, Mosaic MSC: Glory and Wonder, Track #6, in B or C at 148 bpm - Chord Chart, Keys Tutorial, Vocal Tutorial

Audition Tips

  • Please be fully prepared for your audition, knowing your parts on all four required songs (above)

  • We play from chord charts, rarely from scored music

  • We are looking to know that you can learn your part from listening to a recording

  • Don’t overplay – we don’t need you to shred, drum solo, or slap bass

  • Be able to receive direction/criticism, even if you don’t agree with the suggestion

Electric & Acoustic Guitar

  • Pay attention to your tone and pedals – delay and overdrive – making sure that they line up appropriately with the musical style of NLC. We don't use effects like chorus or flange

  • Stick to lead or rhythm for the entire song – don't alternate

  • Know how to use a capo

  • Pay attention to strumming/picking patterns.


  • Lock in with the drummer, paying attention to kick-snare pattern

  • We will look to see that you know your patterns/parts even though you are auditioning without a drummer


  • Lock in with the bassist, paying attention to kick-snare pattern

  • We will look to see that you know your patterns, even if you are auditioning without a bassist

  • You will play to a click track metronome


  • Familiarize yourself with sounds other than piano (e.g., pad, organ, Rhodes, etc.)

  • Think simple. Avoid overplaying, especially with the left hand

  • Some songs have specific parts – know these parts rather than just chording

Additional Instruments

  • Whereas we normally play with the above listed instrumentation, on occasion, we incorporate additional instruments, usually for special events/services

  • Play like part of the group – beware of overplaying


  • In your audition, you will be expected to sing the lead vocal and harmony parts, staying on your respective part. If you are “hearing” a part that significantly varies from how we would sing it, we will demonstrate an altered part and ask you to modify. You will see that there are vocal tutorials for the songs, but please know lead melody and harmony parts for the entirety of each song

  • Pay attention to timing and style of vocal movements on the recordings

  • Keep vibrato to a minimum

  • You will be auditioning to be a part of the ensemble

We believe that loving relationships should permeate every area of church life.

It is important to note that the worship team does not function like a weekly life group since there is a consistent rotation of people and variation in how often team members serve.  So if NLC Worship becomes a place where you serve, we want to encourage you to build relationships within the team that extend beyond worship services.  We also want to encourage involvement in life groups where you can have consistent community and build life-giving friendships!